With out help Plastex now has more systematic R&D Process, efficient method for Go/Kill decisions, defined ways to connect with End Users, clear understanding of roles of different stakeholders and tools to tolerate risks and manage their product portfolio.

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Custom R&D Process AND project evaluation tools

The client, Plastex, is a Finnish plastic manufacture company founded in 1936. The company is motivated to engage more with their End Users and designers when developing and evolving products. Plastex's core expertise is long-lasting everyday products.

We identified Plastex's challenge being that the company didn’t have systematic R&D process and they lacked ways of evaluate their products and ideas.

Outcome of the project was Custom R&D process method and project evaluation tools. Guidebook was also developed for supporting the implementation of their new systematic R&D process.

Evaluation tools contain Checklists, Scoring Model and Financial Model. Checklists are used to ensure that key activities are made for the next phase. Scoring model helps to evaluate if the product fits to the current product portfolio and if it has competitive advantages. Financial model helps with estimating risks and costs of the project.


Workshops with client and their stakeholders,
Surveys and interviews with end users, designers and other experts

Together with Jesse laivo, Eric Wong & Maria Mera ColLantes, 2017.