Future of Museums

National Museum of Finland collaborated with IDBM to gather foresights and propose innovations for the future of Museums.


What kind of meanings
we attach to museums
in the future?


About the Process
Our two teams gathered information about trends shaping the future of museum by expert interviews, field research, collecting articles and other data. We held an ideation workshop together with National Museum of Finland to find out how these trends relate to our research questions.

After the workshop, our teams developed different key concepts for the meanings of Future Museum. For the key concepts we ideated various ideas how these concepts could be implemented in practice. After an iteration round teams focused on two key concepts.


Outcome of the Project
We develop two main concepts; Museum as a Bridge and Museum as a Active Agent in Modern Culture. For each of the concept we ideated three different operational ideas for the future.

We published final report of the concepts and ideas as a white book together with National Museum of Finland. The book can be bought from National Museum of Finland's boutiques.


As a result National Museum gained insights and concepts, that are ready for testing from our teams. Also, it provides inspirational ideas for industry that might be blinded by the traditional way of operating.


Collaboration with Jinkyu Choi, Gero Klingler,
Lidia Borisova, Boyoung Son and Sarianna Niskala. 2018


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