Kalevala Jewelry
and Lapponia

Insights, brand and design management tool that helps making authentic, always on-brand products that suit for users’ lifestyle.


From what is Finland’s
most beloved jewelry brand
made of?


World is full of brands with ambitious vision and noble values. And today, consumers value authenticity more than ever before. That’s why is vital for brands to act according their core message and values.

Within 4 month project, I helped two of Finland’s most known jewelry brands, Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia, to understand their brand better by creating brand maxims that define what is their brand essence. These maxims help to understand what kind of expectations customers have about the brand and what kind of statements brand has to make in the future.

Besides the maxims, I developed custom design management tools, which help the company to create communication and design products that feel authentic and exceed customer expectations. These tools consisted of designer briefing template and scoring model for new product development process.


1. Phase - Company insights

Understanding company’s vision, mission, values and culture. Defining desired identity.

2. Phase - Customer and industry insights

Understanding customer perception of the brand, its products and identity.

3. Phase - Conceptualizing

Defining the Brand DNA and core audience’s lifestyle.

4. Phase – Tools

Developing brand and design maxims. Creating designer briefing template, process description and scoring model. Defining core audience’s style and developing product hierarchy model that cater the brand and core audience’s lifestyle.

During the project, I defined the style and lifestyle of their core market segment. For each of the segment, I proposed their own collection which visual language and structure Kalevala Jewelry will develop in the future to cater the core segments. These collections are Kalevala Jewelry Classics, Functional and Expressive. Each of the collection has their own visual language and muse. But all of them share the same brand message, mission and values.


Outcome of the Project
Guide book that consists of brand maxims, product portfolio hierarchy model, definitions and visualisations of product collections, description and visualization of core market segments, briefing template and scoring model.


Executed during 2018.


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