My approach is first to understand who are you as a brand, what are your values and product offerings, what is the context and most importantly – who is your audience and what do they care about.


Each project is unique in terms of its scope, goals and length. As a designer, I don’t offer ready-made solutions. In great design one size doesn’t fit for all. Instead, I use scalable and flexible design process for each individual case.


1. Kick-off

Getting to know to your specific needs and pains.

2. Research & Insights

Gaining understanding the core of the company, spesific context and end-user needs. Collecting and analyzing data and making insights.

3. Concept creation
Development of strategy and conceptualization of the idea.

4. Design

Designing a visual language and elements of the concept. Defining visual elements.

5. Production

Implementing the design to desired applications; design manuals, website, brochures etc.

6. Wrap-up

Collecting feedback about the project.


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